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FLEAT VI is being held at Harvard University, August 11-15, 2015. Click for conference and exhibitor information.



  • Our most recent webinar is now online: Linking Interactive Technology with Professional Language Courses
  • Presenter: Talia Weltman-Cisneros, Wayne State University

    Interactive technology is providing diverse tools with which languages courses designed for the professions are able to expand the scope of the classroom. In this webinar, we will discuss the application of programs such as Thinglink, Skype and online portfolios, which provide students and instructors with interactive opportunities to further engage global professions and enhance their linguistic and cultural competency.

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Established in 1965, IALLT is a professional organization whose members provide leadership in the development, integration, evaluation and management of instructional technology for the teaching and learning of language, literature and culture. Its strong sense of community promotes the sharing of expertise in a variety of educational contexts. As a registered 501 (c)3 not-for-profit professional organization, IALLT welcomes tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses. Please visit our online donations form for more information.