Commercial Member Benefits and Guidelines

Publishers, manufacturers and other for-profit organizations and businesses having an interest in the development of instructional technology for the teaching and learning of language, literature and culture are invited to join IALLT as Commercial Members.

  • The cost for Commercial Membership is $200/1 year or $380/2 years. The membership year runs for one year from the month in which membership dues are received.
  • Commercial members designate an individual (hereafter "the designee") to represent the company. This individual will receive IALLT communications and other rights and access listed below.
  • Commercial Members may not hold office in the corporation and have no voting rights. The designee will have the right to attend and participate in discussions at IALLT business meetings.
  • Commercial members learn of opportunities to sponsor IALLT activities (conference events, workshops, etc.) before other commercial entities.
  • Commercial members have the right to one free set of printed mailing labels for targeted mailings to IALLT members, for one-time use only.
    • Commercial members may purchase additional one-time use only mailing labels.
    • Please contact the Membership Coordinator for more information.

Journal and Publications

  • The designee will have online access to the IALLT Journal and publications.
  • Commercial members receive membership rates for IALLT publications.
  • Commercial members have the right to present one exhibitor session at the IALLT Conference and will be listed in the conference program.

IALLT Website

  • Commercial members are listed as a special category in the members-only partition of the IALLT website.
  • Upon agreement to the site's usage policy, the designated individual has access to the members-only partition of the IALLT website.


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