Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions frequently asked about LLT and our answers to them.

IALLT does not hire, pay, guarantee, or in any other way vet or approve consultants. As a member benefit, we do provide a list of IALLT members who are willing to act as consultants. If you are a member you may see this list on this website under the CONSULTANTS tab. For non-IALLT members contact the Consultant Coordinator through the CONTACT tab. (Click CONTACT and choose Consultant Coordinator in the category pull-down menu.) As a reminder, any contractual arrangements between a consultant and a potential client, school, university, or other organization are entirely up to the parties.

If you are lucky enough to remember your username and password from the old site (!) , you can use them to log in here.

However, all members will be asked to create a new username that is NOT your email address for reasons of security. Trust us, you will thank us for the spam you will not be getting as a result.