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New England

NERALLT is an organization for those dedicated to the use of technology in support of language learning and teaching in New England.

Who are we?

NERALLT is a regional affiliate of IALLT, the International Association for Language Learning Technology, and our members are educators, administrators and technical support staff of spaces or initiatives in which technology enhances the teaching and learning of languages, literatures and cultures. Although we serve the greater New England region, anyone is welcome to join our organization.

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NERALLT 2014 Conference

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Please come and join us for the NERALLT 2014 Conference!

Topic: Technology for language education: Making need-based and pedagogy-driven choices

Location: Brown University - Providence, RI

Dates: October 23 & 24, 2014

It’s great when faculty and language support personnel have the luxury of choosing the technology they need for particular pedagogical purposes, but it’s probably not a reality at most institutions. Whether for budgetary reasons, the need for technology to meet needs of multiple departments, or for other reasons, institutions often make choices with varying degrees of input from language programs. This conference will present and explore a number of approaches to meeting instructors’ and learners’ needs.

We will consider these issues from an educational standpoint, identifying the whys and hows of technology choices. We will also hear from those who have experienced some of these choices, giving us a sense of how results vary with the use of differing technologies.

Address, In Lieu of Keynote:

Creative Use of Tools in Language Education

Richard House – Former NERALLT President, Director Language Resource Center, University of New Hampshire

For more information about the conference program, registration, etc., please check our website:

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