Who We Are

SEALLT is a regional affiliate of IALLT and a professional association of language center directors and staff, foreign language and ESL faculty, instructional technologists, researchers, administrators and others interested in language learning and technology.  Our members come from colleges, universities, K-12 schools and other facilities throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Although we serve the above southeastern states, anyone is welcome to join our organization.

Our Mission 

·        Gathering information with respect to a broad range of issues, from equipment, supplies and vendors, to operating policies and procedures, to trends and research.

·        Assisting and encouraging individuals in the 5-state area, particularly those who are new to the directing of language labs.

·        Sponsoring joint activities and projects, including influencing IALLT, through representation of the views of the regional membership.


SCOLT-AAFLT-SEALLT Conference in Birmingham April 11-13, 2013

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If you will be in attendance for our 2013 SCOLT-AAFLT-SEALLT Conference in Birmingham this week, SEALLT & IALLT would like to invite you to our SEALLT Business Meeting this Thursday evening (April 11th) after the Exhibit Hall Closes at 6:00 p.m. if you are available.  

It would be great to have input on our upcoming 2013 IALLT Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

Seallt on Facebook!

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Like SEALLT on Facebook for news, pictures, and updates!

IALLT 2011 Irvine CA

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All hail Kristy Britt, now the Treasurer of IALLT! And Frank Kruger-Robbins, who received the Talking Stick which signifies that he will host IALLT 2013 at Pinecrest School in Florida. Kristy, Frank, Stacey Powell from Auburn (also on the IALLT board), Trish (now Nolde, ex-Early) from GSU, Judy Shoaf and Cari Jimenez of UF, Nancy Decker of Rollins, Roselyne Pirson of Pinecrest and Masako Kubota of FAU (2013 co-host), and Mike Ledgerwood of Samford in Birmingham, IALLT's outgoing president, all attended the meeting at IALLT 2011 in Irvine. Read more »


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March 10-12, 2011

Baton Rouge, LA



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SC for South Carolina? Does SEALLT currently have any SC members?

Mikle D. Ledgerwood, Ph.D. Professor of French and Linguistics Chair of World Languages and Cultures Samford University Birmingham, AL 35229. Past-President of the International Association for Language Learning Technology 2011-2013. President of&

Yes, we have SC members. 

Kristy Britt's picture

Yes, we have SC members.  :)

Kristy Britt University of South Alabama

Treasurer, IALLT

I'm here...

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I look forward to finding more STUFF on this page, such as where the members are. Will be glad to learn how to do it myself if possible.

Judy Shoaf

IALLT members on a map

The page IALLT members on a map might help you with that (it's under About us), but it only shows IALLT members and not many of them have enough info in their profile locations to display on the map.

But you don't have to be IALLT member to join a regional group so another map might be useful. Would you like to see group members (both IALLT members and those who aren't) in the block on the right?

It's turtles all the way down


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Although I am logged in I get Access Denied on the IALLT map link.

I am actually the (possibly soon to be former) webmaster for SEALLT so I am interested in who can see what. For example, I am an IALLT member but access to the map is denied to me. If someone is a SEALLT member or interested in SEALLT, can they see this page?

Judy Shoaf

Map PS

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When I clicked on "printer-friendly version" of the map it immediately activated my printer which printed out an Access Denied page.


Judy Shoaf

SC members

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Wait a minute! Georgia is at Charleston. That sounds like SC to me....

Judy Shoaf

Conference info

Hello all,


I have just joined the group and wanted to share Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) 2011 conference info for those who might have such plans. The following are the related websites.


Looking forward to e-meet and have e-discussions with some of you so that we can exchange ideas.





Welcome, Hatime!

Kristy Britt's picture

With regards to your comment, the SEALLT Board has been conducting monthly board meetings via SKYPE.  Beginning February 2, 2011, we will be expanding those meetings to include all members who would like to participate in the beginning of the hour. Our meetings are the first Wednesdays of the month from 12:15-1:15 Central. 

Kristy Britt University of South Alabama

Treasurer, IALLT

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