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Volume Author PDF
45:1:2015 From the President Harold H. Hendricks DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 From the Managing Editor Dan Soneson DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Application Development Projects within Reach for Language Teachers Dana Lindaman, Dan Nolan DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 iPadding sixth graders to impact language learning: An empirical mobile study Sonia Rocca DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 Facebook as a Virtual Learning Space to Connect Multiple Language Classrooms Paul L. Sebastian, Rob A. Martinsen DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 Implementing and Managing Online Exensive Reading Student Performance and Perceptions Travis Cote, Brett Milliner DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 Legal Issues & LLT Julie Evershed DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 From the President of IALLT Harold Hendricks DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 From the Managing Editor Dan Soneson DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 Awareness and Corrective Feedback in Social CALL, Tandems, and E-Tandems Gabriel Guillén DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 A Crowdsourcing Approach to Chinese Vocabulary Learning Jianxiong Wu DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 The Effectiveness of Smartphone and Tablet PC Apps for Japanese Language Learning Fusako Ota DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 From the President of IALLT Harold Hendricks DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 From the Managing Editor Dan Soneson DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Language Center Design and Management in the Post-Language Laboratory Era Felix Kronenberg DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Effects of Oral Repetition on Learners’ Japanese Word Accentuation Kayo Yoshida, Atsushi Fukada DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Incorporating Facebook in an Intermediate-Level Chinese Language Course: A Case Study Shenggao Wang, Deoksoon Kim DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Legal Issues & LLT Judy Shoaf DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Language Learning Technology Review Jörg Waltje DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 LLTI and Facebook Group Highlights Deanne Cobb-Zygadlo DOWNLOAD