From the President of IALLT

Ute S. Lahaie

It is a great pleasure to write my first remarks as IALLT President for the IALLT Journal. Almost a year has passed since the IALLT Journal’s restructuring meeting at Notre Dame University in November 2010. Since then, Lance Askildson, our Managing Editor, has worked diligently on getting the journal back to a regular publication schedule. I am excited about this edition of the journal, which includes several new columns in addition to strong articles.

Several months have passed since the IALLT 2011 conference in beautiful California. I am looking back fondly at this conference which was marked by excellent presentations, great networking and collaboration, and an outstanding host. A big thank you goes to Judi Franz for making that conference a huge success! Since our biennial conference, the new Board has worked diligently on setting goals for the 2011-2013 term. The summer has also marked a time of transition between the outgoing and the incoming treasurer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ron Balko, now our “past” treasurer, for growing our organization’s finances. Thanks to his efforts, IALLT has been able to offer keynote speaker grants for which the regional groups have been able to apply on a rolling basis.

The great strength of our organization lies in the collaborative work of members. And I am excited that many new faces are joining the leadership team by filling open or new Council positions. Andrew Ross has assumed his new role as Editor of the IALLT Management Manual and has sent out calls for contributions to the third edition of this publication, which is one of two capstone publications. Mark Kaiser has agreed to serve as the affiliate representative for the newly established AsiaCALL Council position. He hopes to represent IALLT during the upcoming conference in Bangkok. Thom Hammond and Patrick Colabucci have agreed to serve as new LET Affiliate representatives. IALLT has long-standing ties with the Language Education and Technology Association of Japan (LET), and our organization has hosted several joint Foreign Language Education and Technology (FLEAT) conferences with LET. In order to strengthen the ties with our affiliate organization in Japan, the Board has increased the number of IALLT representatives to LET.

IALLT has a particular niche in providing special workshops for the design and the management of Language Learning Centers. Our organization has traditionally offered such workshops as part of the biennial IALLT conference. At the same time, IALLT members have offered similar workshops during the conferences of affiliate organizations, at regional group meetings, or, upon request, as consultants. As part of the goal to increase professional development offerings, the IALLT Board has approved new Council positions: the IALLT Webinar Co-Coordinators, which have been filled by Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin. Both Trevor and Evan have a wealth of experience in providing webinars for the Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC), and I look forward to working with them on our new IALLT webinar series that is specifically designed for Language Learning Center professionals.

IALLT’s advocacy for the language technology professional has always been a hallmark of our organization. A tool used in supporting fellow IALLT members is the IALLT survey, which enables us to get a clearer picture of the State of the Profession. Several IALLT members have responded to the call for a new Survey Coordinator, and I hope to announce the new incumbent of this position soon. The results of the survey will be published in a future edition of the IALLT journal. In the meantime, I hope that you will enjoy the current edition of the IALLT journal. Happy readings!


Ute S. Lahaie, Ph.D.
President of the International Association for Language Learning Technology