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44:2:2015 A Crowdsourcing Approach to Chinese Vocabulary Learning Jianxiong Wu DOWNLOAD
41:2:2011 A Web-Based Tutorial for the Instruction of Spanish Pragmatics Victoria Russell, Camilla Vásquez DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 An Online Oral Practice/Assessment Platform: Speak Everywhere Atushi Fukada DOWNLOAD
41:2:2011 Assessing Student Oral Language Proficiency: Cost-Conscious Tools, Practices & Outcomes Peter B. Swanson, Patricia R. Nolde DOWNLOAD
44:2:2015 Awareness and Corrective Feedback in Social CALL, Tandems, and E-Tandems Gabriel Guillén DOWNLOAD
39:1:2007 Blog Use in K-12 Scottish Foreign Language Courses: Modern Foreign Language Environment Supports Creative Uses of Technology Ewan McIntosh DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Bridging the Gap: Online Modules for Less Commonly Taught Languages Amy Thompson, Sandra L. Schneider DOWNLOAD
40:1:2008 Changes in the Use of Technology for Language Instruction at the University of Chicago, 2000-2007 Kyung-Hwa Kay Yang DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Collaboration through Wiki and Paper Compositions in Foreign Language Classes Rob A Martinsen, Andrew Miller DOWNLOAD
41:2:2011 Computer Assisted Instruction & the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Christina Huhn DOWNLOAD
43:2:2013 Cultures and Communities in the Virtual World: Beginning the Exploration Kelsey D. White DOWNLOAD
41:1:2011 Do Wikis Affect Grammatical Aspects of Second Language Writing Ulf Schuetze DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 Effectiveness of Computer-Graded vs. Instructor-Graded Homework Assignments in an Elementary Spanish Course: A comparative study at two undergraduate institutions Richard Dabrowski, Jean W. LeLoup, Lunden E. MacDonald DOWNLOAD
44:1:2014 Effects of Oral Repetition on Learners’ Japanese Word Accentuation Kayo Yoshida, Atsushi Fukada DOWNLOAD
43:2:2013 Effects of Technology Modes on Ratings of Learner Recordings Elizabeth (Betsy) Lavolette DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 Enhancing Student Engagement through Online Authentic Materials Pierluigi Erbaggio, Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan, Sandra Hobbs, Haiyong Liu DOWNLOAD
41:1:2011 ESP for Busy College Students: Is the Blend of In-Class, Online & Mobile Learning the Answer? Agnieszka Palalas DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 Exploring the Benefits of ACMC for Speaking Development Nicolás Pino James DOWNLOAD
45:1:2015 Facebook as a Virtual Learning Space to Connect Multiple Language Classrooms Paul L. Sebastian, Rob A. Martinsen DOWNLOAD
40:1:2008 From the Co-Editor: Changes, Challenges, and Clouds Heather McCullough DOWNLOAD