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43:1:2013 Online Peer Feedback in Beginners’ Writing Tasks: Lessons Learned Constanza Tolosa, Martin East, Helen Villers DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 Exploring the Benefits of ACMC for Speaking Development Nicolás Pino James DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 An Online Oral Practice/Assessment Platform: Speak Everywhere Atushi Fukada DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 Effectiveness of Computer-Graded vs. Instructor-Graded Homework Assignments in an Elementary Spanish Course: A comparative study at two undergraduate institutions Richard Dabrowski, Jean W. LeLoup, Lunden E. MacDonald DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 Legal Issues and LLT Judy Shoaf DOWNLOAD
43:1:2013 LLTI Highlights Deanne Cobb-Zygadlo DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 From the President of IALLT Ute Lahaie DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 From the Managing Editor Dan Soneson DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 Politeness Strategies in Wiki-mediated Communication of EFL Collaborative Writing Tasks Mimi Li DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 Enhancing Student Engagement through Online Authentic Materials Pierluigi Erbaggio, Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan, Sandra Hobbs, Haiyong Liu DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 Selection Criteria for Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Video Games for Language Learning Felix Arnulf Kronenberg DOWNLOAD
42:2:2012 Legal Issues and Language Learning Technology Judy Shoaf DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 From the President of IALLT Ute Lahaie DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 From the Managing Editor Dan Soneson DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Bridging the Gap: Online Modules for Less Commonly Taught Languages Amy Thompson, Sandra L. Schneider DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Sociocultural Theory-Guided College-Level Mandarin Chinese Hybrid Course Design LI Jin DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Using Web 2.0 to Learn the Spanish Pretérito and Imperfecto Daniel Castaneda DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Collaboration through Wiki and Paper Compositions in Foreign Language Classes Rob A Martinsen, Andrew Miller DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 The Electronic Portfolio as Assessment Tool and More: The Drake University Model Marc Cadd DOWNLOAD
42:1:2012 Language Learning Technology Review Jörg Waltje DOWNLOAD