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IALLT is a professional organization dedicated to promoting effective uses of instructional technology for language teaching, learning, and research. Professionals in the field of language learning technology, including language media center directors and (FL) instructional technologists, require knowledge from a broad range of disciplines. IALLT facilitates the exchange of information in areas such as, instructional media design and development, curricular integration, needs assessment, learning center layout, hardware and software evaluation, funding and grants, personnel, copyright, cataloging and lab management. IALLT is also a meeting ground for professionals with overlapping concerns: language teachers, librarians, lawyers, architects and others. We are a community of professionals dedicated to providing students the best methods and technologies possible in their language studies.


  • Educational Member, Individual: ($50.00/1 year, $90.00/2 years) for individuals working in an academic setting such as a school, college or university.
  • Educational Member, Full-time Student: ($25.00/1 year) same benefits as Educational Member, Individual. Requires a signature of a voting member to verify student status.
  • Educational Member, K-12($35.00/1 year)same benefits as Educational Member, Individual.
  • Educational Member, Retired($25.00/1 year)same benefits as Educational Member, Individual.
  • Commercial Member: ($200.00/1 year, $380.00) for those working for corporations interested in language learning and technology. This category includes, for example, language laboratory vendors, software and textbook companies.


As a member of IALLT, members will have access to tools and information on this site that regular visitors will not have. MEMBERS CAN:

  • search for members using the membership database as well as Google maps
  • view forums, post topics and add comments to IALLT member forums
  • make suggestions for new forums, RSS feeds, and additional features via the forums (forums--> website suggestions)
  • submit articles to the IALLT Journal (coming soon!)
  • View a list of consultants.
  • chat with other online members
  • access the RSS feed aggregator

CLICK TO JOIN IALLT! (You will be taken to our new membership service at Wild Apricot.)