August 2011

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Harold H Hendricks
Judi Franz
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Tue, 2011-08-09 17:02


IALLT Board Meeting

9 August, 2011 @ 1 p.m. Eastern Time



  1. Welcome (guest: Judi Franz)


  1. Additions to the Agenda


  • See item 10


Routine Business


  1. Approval of Minutes


  • Board Meeting Minutes from May 2011  (Stacey + Kristy: Minutes approved unanimously)
  • B&C Meeting Minutes from 22 June 2011 (Harold + Kristy: Minutes approved unanimously)
  • Board Meeting Minutes from 26 June 2011(Harold + Kristy: Minutes approved unanimously)


  1. Confirm Regular Meeting Dates for Fall 2011 (all scheduled for 1 pm Eastern)
  • 13 September
  • 11 October
  • 8 November
  • 6 December (will only be scheduled, if necessary)


  • Meeting times tentatively approved pending confirmation by Lance


  1. Reports


President’s Report


  • New dropbox folder has been created for distributing meeting agenda and materials for board calls
  • The meetings with Harold and Prkos (website) – which includes the need for replacing DimDim
  • Andrew has agreed to serve as the ManMan editor for a new volume to e published in 2013; Ute has shared IALLT ManMan files via dropbox)
  • Ute met with Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin to discuss the new webinar position and will look for initial workshop topics in LLTI and recent publications focused on language center training
  • Ute spoke to Ron about financing for IALLT 2011 and he has asked Judy for a final report


President-Elect’s Report


  • Website: 
    • Conversations with Prkos and Ute about the slow response for Website changes.
    • Prkos is moving offices, reorganizing and hiring another programmer.
    • My recommendation to give Prkos until mid September to finish the list of undelivered functions.
    • If no progress by mid September, written notice that we will be turning to another contractor.
    • Discussed some addition [potential] projects to address the website if Prkos is retained
    • I have been learning how to use the administrative functions and have made some changes:
      • Updated B & C page
      • Added "State of IALLT" speech by Mike under News
      • Updated LCD information
      • Stacey clarified that Prkos still owes us tutorials for using the website and Lance confirmed that they will finish the Journal space as well
      • Harold spoke to Ryan about web coordinator position and he was not interested; a position that will include adding small news content and maintaining various communication and social network feeds on behalf of IALLT
      • Judy needs to talk to Harold about IALLT 2011 presenters uploading their own conference presentation materials to the website


  • Lab Management Manual:
    • Contacted Andrew Ross and developed the following plan:
    • Target publication date of 6/2012, in time for the SLM in Boca Raton.  Here's the proposed schedule:
         *   August 15, 2011 – call for chapters goes out to LLTI, CALICO, EUROCALL, WORLDCALL, IndiaCALL, GLOCALL lists.  Abstracts will be 500 words; acceptance or rejection will be conveyed by October 1, 2011.
         *   Chapters in suitable format for review are due by February 1, 2012.
         *   Harold, Andrew and the Board will accumulate a roster of peer reviewers.  Reviews will be multiple (at least two) and anonymous.  Reviewed chapters with comments are due by March 1.
         *   Chapters returned to authors for additional editing will be due with revisions by April 15.
         *   Layout and proofing will be completed by May 15; approval by ?


Immediate Past-President’s Report


  • LET has re-elected its current president.  This is a helpful development for IALLT as we have already developed a relationship with the current president.
  • AsiaCALL Conference is coming up and will be held in Bangkok


Treasurer’s Report

  • Kristy reminded Judy that she needs a final financial report from the conference.
  • Judy said that she needs to clarify what Ron/Kristy needs for the report
  • Kristy reported that she currently has access to an account containing $20,180


Programs Director’s Report


  • Upcoming Conferences:
    • MaFLA – we were invited to be exhibitors, but I declined.  Stacey will investigate whether any IALLT members are already planning to attend and if they would man an IALLT table/booth
    • NECTFL – we have been invited again, are we interested in a similar situation as last year?
    • CALICO with IALLT 2012 – Program Committee: Charles Long, Cindy Evans, Stacey Powell (I will send a note to Cindy)
      • Lance noted that he sent Sharon materials to develop publicity flyers for the conference
      • SLM 2012 – Hotel contract was signed for new dates and room blocks reduced
      • IALLT 2013 – Program Committee: Judi Franz, Lance Askildson (or the new Journal Editor?), Stacey Powell, Jorg Waltje, Caridad Jimenez
      • IALLT 2015 – call will go out soon, Stanford is interested
        • Stacey cannot find the protocol documents for calls for hosting an IALLT conference
        • Stacey asked for guidance on sending out the official conference host call


  • Advertising/Promotional items:
    • Stacey asked about advertising in ACTFL’s The Language Educator?  $700 for  1/4 page bw ad, ($475 for 6X).  The board agreed that this was not an effective means of advertising IALLT.
    • Stacey asked for guidance on how and to whom to distribute IALLT business card holders.  Ute and Judy suggested regional groups and affiliates as the primary audience for these.  Stacey will therefore send these to regional conferences.


  • Stacey is still investigating a permanent shipping case for the Talking Stick and hope to have a recommendation by the next Board Meeting if not earlier.


  • It has come to my attention that there is a “catch-all” email account that needs to be checked once a week by a Board member to clean out automatic out of office replies and forward legitimate messages to the correct Board or Council member.  I have the credentials from Ryan and will forward them.


Journal Report


  • Secretary note: Lance noted that future board meeting reports should be written in the third person to facilitate the creation and posting of minutes


  • Lance announced that he will need to resign as the Managing Editor of the Journal in light of his recent appointment as Assistant Provost for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame.   Ute and Lance discussed Dan Soneson – who is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal – to take on this role.  Lance indicated that he was willing to work with his replacement to transition into the managing editor role.
  • Lance indicated that the Fall Issue is currently on track with four to five feature articles and four columns.  
  • Three new Associate Editors have also been recruited during IALLT 2011; these new editors are currently being evaluated via their feedback on reviews for current submissions and will be confirmed at some future point.


New Business


  1. Conference Planning and Reporting


  • IALLT 2011
    • Final report from Judi
    • Judy appreciated having IALLT pay for things directly with regards to conference costs.  However, some people were concerned about paying for things via the website through paypal.
    • Judy received near 50% response rate to post-conference survey.  She has a lot of helpful information to pass along to the next conference host.  Judy reported that a number of people were upset by the small number of vendors. 
    • Ute suggested that we re-open the survey for the Fall period to catch people who were gone over the summer.  Judy indicated that she would re-open the survey and send out a new call in the coming weeks.
    • Approval: purchase of remaining IALLT swag items from the conference (Kristy; see invoice from Lasting Impressions)


  • SLM 2012
    • Ute suggested some ideas to advertise  and increase attendance at SLM  
  1. Use the graduate student conference grant for the SLM
  2. Offer (a) workshop(s) and/or site visits of other language centers
  • This was tabled for future discussion



  1. New IALLT Council Appointments


  • LET affiliate representative
    • Harold moved that we have two representatives for LET and that these positioned be offered to Thom Hammond Patrick Colabucci.
    • AsiaCALL rep still needs to be identified.  Ute suggested that she could contact Mark Kaiser for this role.


  • IALLT Management Manual Editor – 3rdedition
    • Confirmation of Andrew Ross as editor
    • Approved by email.


  • IALLT Webinar Coordinators
    • Approval of new council position
    • Approval of Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin as webinar coordinators
    • Harold moved to accept these candidates as webinar coordinators, Kristy seconded.  Passed unanimously.


  • Showcase Coordinator
    • Add coordination of IALLTYouTube channel to job description


  1. Regional Conference Speaker Grant
  • Request for $500 NERALLT speaker funds
  • Stacey moved to approve this request and Harold seconded.  Passed unanimously.


  1. Discussion of Membership Benefits
  • Web conferencing tool
    • for IALLT webinars
    • for use by regional group leaders
    • IALLT survey (last survey conducted in 2005)
    • Statement of the Profession
    • Development of standards for the review of LRCs
    • IALLT “branded” social media – linked to the IALLT website (facebook, twitter, YouTube….)
    • Others?



  1. Discussion of other Action Items from the Board and Council meeting
  • Discussion of Website Coordinator Position  (approved during June meeting)
  • K-12 Membership rate of $ 35.- (approved during June meeting; needs to be added to website)
  • Discuss Commercial Membership – Pat Miller (postponed until September meeting)
  • Discuss JNCL dues – pending discussions with CALICO (postponed until September meeting


  1. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned: 
Thu, 2011-10-06 17:02