December 2011

Members present: 
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:30


IALLT Board Meeting

6 December 2011 @ 11 a.m. Eastern Time


  • Ute welcomed everyone to the meeting. Lance had to be absent due to an emergency meeting. Mike will join late.
  • Additions to the Agenda - none
  • Approval of  November Minutes  - postponed until January


Ongoing and New Business


  • IALLT Webinar Team
    • Kristy moved to approve the IALLT Webinar Coordinators’ position with some small corrections. Stacey seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
    • Stacey moved to approve Cari Jimenez as additional Webinar Coordinator. Kristy seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
    • Harold moved to approve Sarah Withee  as additional Webinar Coordinator. Kristy seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.


  • IALLT Website

-          The Board discussed the integration of the webinar area into the IALLT website. Following some discussion, Kristy moved to pre-approve a web conferencing tool pending the recommendation of the webinar team. Stacey seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

-          In a follow-up motion, Harold moved to award a limited contract to the Drupal developer Matthew Connerton to develop the IALLT webinar component for the  IALLT website in conjunction with the webinar team. Kristy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



-          The Board discussed a new review process to expedite the necessary changes for IALLT’s Policy and Procedures Manual (PPM). The individual Board members had already made color-coded annotations in the document. Following some discussion, Stacey moved to approve a PPM subcommittee consisting of 3 Board members that will decide on the changes in the document and make recommendations to the Board. Kristy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

-          Stacey, Kristy, and Harold agreed to serve on the PPM subcommittee. The subcommittee will still meet in December. In addition to discussing the changes color-coded changes in the document, the PPM committee will look through the IALLT 2011 Council reports to identify changes that need to be made to the description of Council position as part of the PPM revisions.


Routine Business


  • Reports
    • President’s Report
      • o No new report. Ute had tried to meet with the commercial coordinator, but she has been too busy to meet due to her involvement in a five year report. All other items for discussion can be found under new and ongoing business.
  • President-Elect’s Report
    • o Publications
      • Harold reported having had several E-Mail exchanges with Andrew Ross in regard to the authors for the IALLT Management Manual. Andrew had received a negative response from the potential author for the media chapter, and he is still awaiting a response from the potential authors of the copyright chapter.
      • o Website
        • Harold reported that he has tried to resolve some issues related to error messages that appear on the website. He has been unable to get in touch with the web developers so far, but hopes to meet later today. He would like to inquire how the $200.- were used.
        • o Regional Groups
          • Harold reported that SWALLT is planning a meeting for March.
          • SOCALLT has posted a CFP.
          • Harold plans to contact each regional group leader.
  • Immediate Past-President’s Report
    • o No report
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • o Kristy reported that the PayPal account has been transferred from Ron Balko to her. Otherwise, she did not have a report at this time.
  • Programs Director’s Report

IALLT 2015/2017:

  • Stacey reported that the Call for Site Proposals was posted on LLTI and was sent via the IALLT website.  The deadline was listed as Feb 15 due to the delay in sending it out.


CALICO with IALLT 2012:

  • Stacey asked the Board members present if IALLT just want space at the registration table during the CALICO with IALLT conference, or if IALLT want a booth in the exhibit hall as well.  She stated that it will probably not be possible to hang the IALLT banner near the registration table, so that might be a good reason to keep a booth.  Following some discussion, the other Board members agreed that it would be a good idea to keep both the registration table and the IALLT booth.
  • Stacey reported that there will be an IALLT thread with IALLT sessions during every presentation block.  The program committee is currently looking for one more presentation for Saturday.

AsiaCALL:Conference has been postponed until February. Stacey needs to follow up with conference hosts about a table/booth but will wait until they have a chance to get other logistics worked out. 

ACTFL:Due to the change in leadership at ACTFL, we have been asked to start paying a membership fee in exchange for the privilege of exhibiting for free.  Charlie Long will work with ACTFL on this matter.

ACTFL is interested in creating a second teaching with technology award for K-12.  I told Marty Abbott that we were interested in being a co-sponsor and would like to have a representative on the Award Committee.  I recommend Frank Kruger-Robbins for this role since he is our K-12 representative.  ACTFL is currently looking for a corporate sponsor for this award.

MLA:MLA Exhibits manager sent an inquiry to the IALLT website asking if we would be interested in exhibiting at MLA.  Stacey checked the rates and determined that we cannot afford it, followed up with Exhibits Manager explaining that we would be happy to have a booth if it is free.  MLA Exhibits Manager responded that they are not able to discount booth rentals. 

  • Journal Report
    • o In a phone call to U. Lahaie, Lance reported that Dan Soneson has accepted the appointment as new IALLT Journal Editor.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm EST.
Meeting adjourned: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:30