February 2012

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Dan Soneson
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Tue, 2012-02-14 14:42


Feb 14, 2012


Call to order at 1:00pm



Stacey indicated that she needed to add an item related to SOCALT’s request for speaker requests.  Ute added an item to approve the grad student rep and pd.



November minutes approved (Harold moved to approve, Stacey seconded) with removal of Stacey's Nov report -- which was never given

December minutes approved (Stacey moved to approve, Harold seconded)

January minutes approved (Harold moved to approve, Kristy seconded)  with strikethrough on regional speaker exception request item -- which was withdrawn




Journal Report - Dan Soneson

Journal Updates: Four submissions since November.  Dan asked about the official publication timeline for the Spring; Lance confirmed the period for publication is March/April.  Lance suggested that we send out a new call for submissions for Spring while also announcing Dan as new editor.  Ute agreed.  Lance also reminded Dan about the need to touch base with column editors.  Lance thanked Dan again for agreeing to take on this new role.  Dan asked about the ialltjournal@iallt.org email address for submissions.  Lance indicated that he will have Ryan Brazell redirect this to Dan’s email address and give him access to the archive account.

President’s Report

WEBSITE ITEMS: I don’t have any new report on this item. I am currently waiting for the final recommendation of the webinar team. The contract for the webinar integration into the IALLT website can only be established once we have the tool. The Drupal developer is waiting to hear back from me with the actual recommendation and the timeline for completing the webinar module.

WEBINAR UPDATE: The webinar team has worked diligently on testing different web conferencing tool. They have also developed a survey for the IALLT membership. The finalized survey will need to be approved by the Board, then sent out to the IALLT membership.

MEMBERSHIP ITEMS: Marlene Johnshoy and I have had a long conversation with in January. We discussed the possible creation of a membership team, as previously suggested by the Board. One of the items of our discussion was the possible addition of an outreach coordinator who would do mass advertisement, using different mailing lists. Marlene suggested a meeting with all those Board and Council members who are currently involved with outreach in some form. I had some preliminary discussions with different Board and Council members but have not called a meeting yet, as we also needed to meet with our SLM 2012 host.

SLM PLANNING UPDATE: Frank and I met to discuss some concerns dealing with the preparation for the SLM. Last week, Frank had a chance to meet with Michael Horswell, the Chair of Florida Atlantic University. I was able to talk to Michael the next day. Michael Horswell expressed excitement about co-hosting the SLM and the IALLT 2013 conference and stated that he would be willing to meet with us. On 13 February, Harold, Stacey, Judi Franz, and Geraldine Blattner (the FAU representative) and I met to discuss the plans for the SLM. We agreed to meet again on Friday, 17 February, to finalize the schedule for the SLM and to approve the contents for the SLM website, which needs to be posted by next week.

LET NEWS: Toshiyo Nabei, LET's Manager of International Affairs, contacted Harold, Mike and me with an official invitation to all IALLT members to submit proposals for the LET 2012 conference, which will be held on August 7th and 8th, 2012 in Kobe (Japan). This invitation was sent in the spirit of closer collaboration between IALLT and Let, as agreed between the LET Board and members of the IALLT Board during the LET’s 50th anniversary conference in Japan in 2010. Patrick Colabucci, who is IALLT’s LET Affiliate Representative, will be able to attend the LET 2012 conference. Thom Hammond, the other LET Affiliate Representative will still need to secure funding (Stacey noted that this is not finalized). I sent a response to Toshiyo Nabei, thanking her for her invitation; at the same time, I invited the LET membership to submit their articles to be considered for publication in the IALLT journal – pending approval by the editorial board of the journal.

IALLT SURVEY: David Pankratz and I met to talk about the previous IALLT survey, as I had sought his advice. In the meantime, he has shared several survey documents with me. I will need to contact all again who had expressed interest in becoming part of the survey team to develop a timeline for the survey.

GRADUATE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE: Adan Gallardo has agreed to accept the newly formed position as Graduate Student Representative. He has submitted a description for this position, which we will need to approve later during this meeting.


President-Elect’s Report

PUBLICATIONS: The Management Manual deadline for chapter submissions has passed with only two chapters submitted: The LLC and Public Relations: Promoting the Language Learning Center, by Felix Kronenberg and Web 2.0, by Jonathan Perkins and Keah M. Cunningham. The co-authors who had proposed the chapter on "The LLC's Role in Technology Training and Professional Development." and Copyright have withdrawn, leaving the principal authors trying to find others to assist. At this point it seems improbable that we will be able to meet our publication schedule. Andrew and I have been trying to meet by phone, but so far our schedules have not matched.  Ute asked that Harold send a list of all chapters in need of authors so we can reach out to targeted individuals.  Harold reported that Andrew was planning to do this.

QUESTION 1: The University of Waterloo bookstore asked if IALLT would allow them to serve as the Canadian print-on-demand vendor for the LCD volume, since Lulu.com’s shipping costs are prohibitive to many Canadian customers.  Ute asked whether the e-copy of the LCD was an option.   Harold indicated that they wanted a hardcopy.  The board agreed that this arrangement is acceptable.  Harold will pursue this.

QUESTION 2: Why the two Council designations for Membership?  What was the designation “Member Services” originally meant to be?  Ute indicated that she will need to research the original intention.

WEBSITE: Webinar Coordinators have been added as council positions; SLM hotel and Pine Crest links have been added. A few other corrections have been made. Marlene Johnsoy still has a couple of textual changes I cannot find. I've been in contact with Mihaela and requested a report on how well our transitional contract has worked as far as funding necessary changes. She and the Prkos team are away at a Drupal training program and will respond by March 1st. Promised tutorials have not appeared. Email requests and a Skype call were answered, but not much else.

Harold requested an accounting of work completed and hours charged from Prkos; they have not provided this as of yet.  Our agreement ends on March 1st, I believe.  Harold suggested we will likely need to make a decision on continuing with Prkos during the next [March] board call.  Ute suggested that an extraordinary meeting may be required and a decision is likely to occur before or by April 1.  Kristy reported that a lump sum of $760 was paid to Prkos in November – no additional payments since. 

Kristy asked if Harold was able to create pages on the website so that we could post the information on the website this month.  Harold indicated that he could make pages without problem, but he will need to research his ability to manage registration for the SLM.

Ute indicated that Marlene reported the e-letter that is sent by the website to new members still indicates Mike as president.  Harold believes that this has already been fixed.  Harold and Ute will check this.

REGIONAL GROUPS: NEALLT, SOCALLT still accepting proposals; SWALLT Spring meeting registration up and program posted. SOCALLT may request funding for keynote speaker. NERALLT starting "lunchtime webinars" and SWALLT January online attracted about 18.

Kristy added that SEALLT and SCOLT (and FLAG) are meeting together in March in Atlanta.


Immediate Past-President’s Report

ASIACALL: had a good meeting last weekend, finally, in Bangkok, Thailand.  IALLT had two representatives attend.  Some of the conference presentations were “broadcast” via the Internet.  I sent congratulations to the group via Facebook.  Andrew Lian was elected President of AsiaCALL (again).

GLOCALL: announced its call for papers for its fall meeting, which will take place in

Beijing, China in mid October.  Full details to be sent in an email.

BOARD RETREAT: Finally, I broached the idea of a Board Retreat here in Birmingham, for late spring.  Since this is already an agenda item, I will discuss that at that point.


Treasurer’s Report



INTEREST EARNED: $6.26 November ‘11

$6.42 December ‘11

$6.39 January ‘12

DEBITS: Stacey Powell: $233.38 (talking stick shipping items)

CREDITS: Sarah McCurry: $50.00 (check for membership)

PayPal Transfer: $500.00




Programs Director’s Report

PUBLICITY: Booth materials were sent to AsiaCALL and taken to AAFLT (Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers) by Stacey. Sharon Scinicariello redesigned the tri-fold as a bi-fold.

ACTFL AWARDS: ACTFL has created a new Award for Excellence with Technology with IALLT for K-12 and Frank Kruger-Robbins will serve as co-chair of the award committee in the same way that the Programs Director serves as co-chair of the postsecondary award.

ACTFL AFFILIATION: ACTFL is beginning to question why we get a free booth and whether we are eligible to send a delegate to the Assembly of Delegates. We no longer are given guaranteed sessions or workshops. Who would know this history so we can clarify? How do we want to redefine our partnership going forward?   Mike indicated that Judi would likely know this history.  Mike will look for email with regards to this as well.  Stacey indicated that ACTFL no longer offers any guaranteed submissions for any affiliates.

IALLT 2015: Stacey is assisting Thom Hammond with the 2015 conference proposal regarding hotel bids.  Thom is concerned that Harvard and Boston will be too expensive for some IALLT Members.  Stacey is working to get a good hotel rate.  Thom also has some questions about dates for FLEAT participation and concern about pushing the conference dates into August.

Stacey asked if the board wanted her to send out another call for submissions and extend the deadline.  Ute suggested that it might be smart to send another call and extension until we have a final submission (from Harvard or another) in hand.  Ute suggested an extension for the end of the month.



SOCALLT PROPOSAL FOR SPEAKER: SOCALLT is bringing in two keynotes (one domestic and one from Australia) and would like to request the standard $500 in support.  Harold moved to approve this request for $500; Stacey seconded.  Motion was approved.  Ute reminded Harold to communicate the need for a audio recording with IRB approval

APPROVAL OF GRAD STUDENT REP & PD: Stacey moved to approve Adán Gallardo as the Grad Student representative.  Motion passed.  Harold moved to approve the Grad Rep description.  Kristy seconded.  Motion passed.

RETREAT PROPOSAL: Mike proposed a Board Retreat in Birmingham in the late Spring.  A response to a discussion between Mike and Stacey during a recent meeting.  The rationale was to increase informal interaction and rapport among board members.  Mike suggested a weekend event that would include a formal agenda.  He indicated that he could request funds from his university as well.  Ute asked for other comments.

Harold indicated that we would need to check on funding for his participation and asked for more specifics when available.

Mike asked if IALLT could help fund some portion of travel.  Mike suggested that we establish a date and specifics of Samford funding before making a formal request.  Discussion will continue via email.

LANCE’S MESSAGE:  Lance raised the issue of Board terms

Stacey indicated that according to the bylaws, Mike is supposed to prepare a call for the election of Program Director and Secretary before the SLM this summer – as both positions will be up for ‘renewal’ in 2013.

Ute suggested that we may need to clarify and add term limits for all IALLT B&C positions.  Stacey suggested that this discussion and a discussion of Commercial Membership would be best addressed in a face-to-face meeting at SLM.

IALLT PPM:  Need to approve of changes to PPM, as presented by PPM subcommittee (Harold).  This will be discussed at our upcoming face-to-face meeting in Birmingham (date TBD)

SLM PLANNING: Send a call for Council reports in February.  Lance has draft and survey form ready to send.  He is just waiting on the launch of the SLM website.

IALLT WEBINAR TEAM: Approval of web conferencing tool – as recommended by the Webinar committee (see Dropbox folder).  It appears that the cost will be $948 per the team’s recommendation.  The first Webinar is scheduled intended for March/April.  Kristy suggested that we pay monthly, if possible.  Harold asked how many webinars we intend per year.  Ute suggested we should aim 4-6 per year.  

Harold motioned to approve $948 in funding for one year of this webinar service.  Kristy seconded.  Motion passed. 


Adjournment at 2:40pm

Meeting adjourned: 
Tue, 2012-02-14 14:42