January 2012

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:31


IALLT Board Meeting

10 January 2012 @ 1 pm Eastern Time



  • Welcome


  • Additions to the Agenda


  • Approval of  November  and December Minutes
  • Postponed until Lance can post them


Routine Business


  • Reports
    • President’s Report
      • o Website items: Ute is still waiting to hear back from the Drupal developer and will update the board as soon as she knows more
      • o Membership items: There will be a meeting involving everyone who does anything with membership.  Marlene has indicated that she needs particular help with publicity and outreach.  Sharon will need to be involved and Stacey also indicated a want to participate.  Ute suggested that the IALLT survey would help with outreach as well.   Harold and Judy would also need to be involved in this.
      • o IALLT 2015 news: Ute indicated that Stanford will not be able to host IALLT 2015 because a new building will be going up that year.  Possible interest in hosting 2017.  Harvard is therefore the only institution that has expressed interest for 2015 at this stage.  Another call for proposals may be necessary.
      • President-Elect’s Report
        • o Publications: A request was received for a digital copy of the DLLS volume.  Harold asked where the pdf file can be obtained.  Someone who purchased DLLS from Canada would like a direct download option.  The board agreed that the DLLS publication should no longer be sold.  Harold asked whether we want to continue to sell this volume.  The management manual has added two authors for the copyright section as well as several other chapters.
        • o Website: Harold has been working with Prkos to address some membership renewal issues.  Ute mentioned that the newsletter still indicates that it is being sent by Mike and needs to be fixed.
        • o Regional Groups: Still waiting on request for funds from SWALLT keynote speaker.  Barbara Sawhill may be invited.  NEALLT Conference went well.
        • Immediate Past-President’s Report
          • o IndiaCALL:  Held conference last weekend.  Mike tried to participate, but they were unable to broadcast much of the conference.  It was a good conference overall, though.
          • Treasurer’s Report
            • o No report at this time
          • Programs Director’s Report
            • o AsiaCALL: Sent inquiry about possible table at their January conference and waiting on response.  Several IALLT members are planning to attend. 
            • o IALLT 2015: Thom Hammond is waiting on approval from his dean for IALLT 2015 bid
            • o Global Language Convention: Sponsored by CASIE (casie.org) and has invited us to host a table at their upcoming Atlanta conference for $500.  It appears to be a K-12 focused conference.  Ute suggested that this might be a good opportunity to recruit more members and attendees for 2015.
          • Journal Report
            • o New Managing Editor: Lance reiterated that Dan Soneson has accepted to serve as the managing editor and has been sent all the editorial materials.  Lance will forward all the current submissions (4) this week.

Ongoing and New Business


    •  Report from the  PPM subcommittee:  The subcommittee has finished its work but requires a lot of input from the board.  Ute suggested that Harold distribute the changes/comments electronically for people to review before discussing and voting as a board.  Harold and Stacey agreed to proceed in this way.  Ute indicated that she will place it in the Feb folder for Dropbox for the rest of the board to review.  Ute thanked Mike for getting this process started.
  • §  Regional Keynote Grant
    • ·         SWALLT’s Request for Exception to Policy (see document in Dropbox folder)


  • SLM Planning
    • Schedule subcommittee meeting: Ute indicated that we need more detailed information about the specifics for the SLM from Frank and to get this up on the web for participants.  Ute also agreed to schedule a private conversation with Frank to discuss FAU’s involvement and the Keynote speaker for IALLT 2013.  Stacey noted that SEALLT is helping to advertise the SLM among within their region.
    • Send a call for Council reports: Lance will work on this for distribution in February.


  • IALLT Webinar Team
    • Approval of the  Webinar Coordinators’ position description for PPM (see Dropbox folder)
      • o Webinar Tool: Coordinators have suggested ‘Go to Meeting’ but cost needs to be investigated.  A request for approval will be sent out via email.
      • Additional Webinar Coordinator (Cari Jimenez, Sarah Withee) need to be added to IALLT website
        • o Add to the website: Harold will add these positions to the website


  • IALLT Website
    • Photos – need to be updated
      • o Add new photos: Ute noted the need to include IALLT 2011 photos (including those with the talking stick ceremony) for the website carousel
      • President’s blog
        • o Revisions: Ute will be working to revise and update this.  Mike indicated that the president should be able to revise this directly.



ACTION ITEM: The board agreed that the DLLS publication should no longer be sold.  Harold will remove it from the online store.


ACTION ITEM: The board decided to refund the recent purchase of the DLLS publication.




  • Adjournment. 
Meeting adjourned: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:31