June 2011 (Post-Conference)

Meeting type: 
Board Meeting
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Fri, 2011-08-05 18:21

IALLT 2011

Members Present
• Ute Lahaie (President)
• Kristy Britt (Treasurer)
• Lance Askildson (Secretary)
• Stacey Powell (Programs Director)
• Harold Hendricks (President-Elect)
• Mike Ledgerwood (Past-President)

By Special Invitation
• Judi Franz (Conference Host)
• Charlie Long
• Jörg Waltje
• Rosaline
• Frank Kruger-Robins
• Roselyne Pirson
• Thomas Plagwitz
• Cari Jimenez

Meeting opened at 9am
• Ute opened and welcomed the new board

• Ute noted that Ron will remain involved with payments related to IALLT 2011 through the end of the summer
• Minutes for June and B&C meeting on June 22 will need to be approved at the next board conference call
• Ute called for a set meeting time for the 2011-12 board calls: The board agreed to the second Tuesday of each month at 1pm EST for all board conference calls.
• The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 9 at 1pm EST

2011 Conference
• Judi reported that finances are pending
• Judi also reported that we had a late one-day registration from a Japanese attendee
• Judi suggested that received so many international attendees because of a large number of hits from www.conferencealtert.com as well as the social media Judi employed
• Judi indicated that there were some small problems with the exhibit hall and some small confusion about easel usage
• Judi noted that having her sister Jean at the registration table throughout the conference was an enormous advantage. Frank noted this for IALLT 2013.
• Judi also noted session locations were not problematic and everyone seemed to find their way quite well.
• Judi reported that the IALLT 2011 business card publicity was effective and should be used again
• Frank asked if there was a grad student rate for IALLT 2011. Judi indicated that their was not an official grad student rate, but Judi did accommodate one graduate student by allowing this person to work at the conference in order to attend sessions
• Ute noted that it will be important to have a grad student rate for IALLT 2013 as well as announce the Ursula Williams Grad Student Scholarship much earlier
• Ute noted that she met a language center director at IALLT 2011 who was a former recipient of the grad student scholarship
• Kristy suggested that we recognize scholarship winners publically in the future. Ute indicated that she would note this in the next newsletter.
• Ute suggested that the next IALLT Conference program should include contact info for all attendees. Lance noted that we will need to ask attendees for permission to include their contact information and that this could be included within the IALLT website registration process. Charlie agreed that an opt-out clause would be helpful.
• Judi suggested that a audience driven session could be used for cancellations in the future; e.g. “5 minutes of fame”
• Ute suggested that the board hold a welcome session for new members at future conferences. There may be special badges to distinguish new attendees.
• Judi asked if the board would purchase remaining IALLT Business Card Holders. The board agreed to this. Judi will send purchase information to Stacey.
• Charlie suggested that there be an archive for conference presentation materials. Harold noted that we should make this publicly available so that attendees who wanted materials can access them. Stacey noted that we should have the web development team develop a function for attendees to upload their own materials.
• Judi noted that she had wanted to do lecture capture for the sessions, but low attendance and the need to have someone at every session to manage the capture was prohibitive.
• Frank asked if the board wants to do session capture for 2013. The board asked him to investigate this.
• Harold suggested that we make sure that any future vendor sessions occur when the vendors are scheduled to be onsite.
• Ute suggested that we have refreshments available for the vendors specifically in the future since they are in the exhibit hall all day.
• Frank mentioned that vendors will be in the same building as all sessions for IALLT 2013 in order to avoid forcing people to walk through the heat.

CALICO with IALLT 2012
• Charlie indicated that he would be willing to serve as Program Chair for this conference. Cindy would join him as CALICO rep on this committee along with Stacey as Program’s Director.
• Kristy suggested that we publicize IALLT’s involvement significantly since this was not very clear during the CALICO with IALLT Conference in 2008
• Kristy also suggested that an IALLT B&C member introduce all IALLT session presenters

IALLT 2013
• Frank indicated that the Sheraton Hotel can accommodate revised dates for the 2012 SLM. The new dates are June 7 -10, which is exactly one week before the CALICO with IALLT Conference at Notre Dame. Ute thanked Frank for is excellent work arranging this.
• Harold moved that we move the dates for the SLA to June 7-10. Kristy seconded. Passed unanimously.
• Frank indicated that he would modify the contract for the hotel in light the change in dates
• The board appointed Judi as program chair for the IALLT 2013 conference. Judi will form her own committee in addition to Stacey as Program’s Director and Lance as Journal Editor.
• Given his new role as President-Elect, Harold agreed to step down as Conference Advisor.
• Kristy and Lance suggested that the Conference Advisor role be combined with the Programs Director role.
• Kristy moves to dissolve the position of Conference Advisor and reallocate its responsibilities to the Programs Director role. Lance seconds. Passes unanimously.
• Kristy moves to modify the Program Committee make-up in the PPM in order to replace the Conference Advisor with a second member at large. Harold seconds. Motion passes unanimously.
• Cari and Jörg agreed to serve as the two members at large for the 2013 Program Committee.
• Ute noted that we still need a call for proposals for IALLT 2015.
• Stacey and Harold will investigate when and how the call will go out.
• Frank reaffirmed his intent to develop a lab tour during IALLT 2013; Frank indicated that several IALLT members have suggested doing the lab tour before the workshop on the LCD immediately afterwards

Action Items
• Charlie suggested that ACTFL members who are fulltime K-12 teachers be allowed to join IALLT at a special rate of $35 instead of the standard $50. Kristy suggested that we remove the ACTFL affiliation and fulltime status.
• Stacey moved to create a new k-12 membership rate of $35. Lance seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
• The board endorsed Charlie’s suggestion to pursue the creation of an ACTFL SIG
• The board agreed to table the issue of commercial membership and review the commercial membership description and coordinator role over the next month in order to address inconsistencies and confusion regarding this. Ute will invite Pat Miller to the next board call to discuss and make decisions to address this. Stacey pointed out that the entire commercial membership genre needs to be reviewed in detail in conjunction with this discussion.
• The board tabled the issue of JNCL dues in order to investigate whether CALICO is responsible for a portion of these dues.
• Ute reminded the board that we still need an editor for the Management Manual. Harold agreed to send out a formal call for an editor and authors.
• Lance suggested that he and Felix discuss the idea of a ‘special issues’ monograph on a specific, timely topic for the future. The discussion was tabled for the immediate term.
• Jorg has agreed to serve as a tech columnist for the Journal; and Judy Shoaf has agreed to write a copyright column.
• Lance pointed out that the Prkos contact is coming to a close and a decision needs to be made about continuing with them. Ute suggested that we investigate alternatives for comparison purposes. We might consider asking for bids.
• Stacey indicated that any discussion of website support needs to include a discussion of reporting structure and workflow from the board to the website developers.
• Stacey moved to create a Website Coordinator position with a description to be written and approved by the board at the next meeting. Kristy seconded. Passed unanimously.

• Board agreed to next meeting on Aug. 9 at 1pm via Skype

Meeting adjourned at 11:35am.

Meeting adjourned: 
Fri, 2011-08-05 18:21
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