June 2011 (Pre-Conference)

Meeting type: 
Board & Council Meeting
Call to order: 
Wed, 2011-06-22 18:14

IALLT 2011

Members Present:

• Mike Ledgerwood (President)
• Ute Lahaie (President-Elect)
• Stacey Powell (Programs Director)
• Ron Balko (Treasurer)
• Lance Askildson (Secretary)
• Kristy Britt
• Sara Withee
• Betty Rose Facer
• Claire Bartlett
• Joseph Kautz
• Charlie Long
• Dan Soneson
• Harold Hendricks
• Roselyne Pirson
• Frank Kruger-Robins
• Barbara Sawhill
• Ryan Brazel
• Thom Hammond
• Jeff Samuels
• Judy Shoaf
• Sharon Scinicariello
• Marlene Johnshoy
• Jörg Waltje
• Hajime Kumahata
• Pat Miller
• Cindy Bravo
• David Pankratz
• Andrew Ross
• Judi Franz

Meeting opened at 1:00pm

1:00-2:00: Meeting called to order (Self-introductions by all present)
President's Report

• Mike welcomed the board and council and invited everyone to introduce themselves.

• Mike will save a portion of his report for his Friday night address and will be providing a copy for publication.

• IALLT is in generally good health, but challenges remain. We need to navigate these challenges carefully as an organization.

• Membership needs to be a focus for the organization. Recruitment of new members in general and international members in particular should be a priority for the organization in the coming years.

President-Elect (Ute)

• Ute reminded the B&C that the LCD was recently published and featured in a morning workshop

• Still searching for an Editor of the ManMan—more on this later

• The website will also be addressed later—this remains a significant success in many respects but also a work in progress

• Ute apologized for the lack of attention for regional groups—who have not been as much of a focus over the last year as she would have liked—but Ute would like to refocus on outreach and coordination with regionals in the coming year(s)

Programs Director (Stacey)

• Stacey noted that she has worked extensively with Judi to get the conference running and ensure the mechanisms for proposal submission, review and notification – as well as registration – were in place for IALLT 2011 and available for future conferences.

• Stacey noted that the website has required some very complex and sophisticated development in order to accommodate a variety of proposal and registration needs that will serve not only future conferences but also other website components like the Journal

Secretary/Parliamentarian (Lance)

• Lance noted the major restructuring with the Journal and the challenges involved therein

• He also noted that the first issue in 2.5 years was recently published in March of this year on the iallt.org journal space

• More details later about specific changes and developments in the journal editors report

Treasurer's Report (Ron)

• $52,000 in IALLT funds at present.

• $20,000 has been transferred to Kristy Britt (Treasurer-Elect) and the remaining will be transferred shortly.

• Ron was congratulated by the B&C for his stewardship of IALLT funds

Publications—IALLT Journal (Lance)

• Barbara suggested the need for specialized topics but also maintaining traditional article structures

• Discussion of the vision for the IALLT Journal

• Joseph voiced concerns about diluting the core function of the journal with non-scholarly columns

Publications—Language Center Design (Felix)

• LCD has been published and distributed

• The development process was rather arduous with a lot of significantly delayed submissions and some authors who failed to submit their chapters

• Felix noted that the title has been changed to ‘Language Center Design,’ dropping kit to mark the transition to a formal monograph.

• He also noted the tension between theory and practice in the new volume

• A digital copy is available for purchase via Lulu.com

• A soft cover ‘monograph format is also available with a new IALLT ISBN via Lulu.com

• The LCD is also making a small profit ($16 for book and $8 for e-copy) and will eventually be available on Amazon.com as well

• Felix noted that the publication cycle for new volumes will likely be longer than two years

Council Reports and positions (Mike)

• See 2011 B&C written reports from council members

CALICO with IALLT Conference in 2012 (Lance)

• Lance announced the CALICO with IALLT Conference in 2012 at the University of Notre Dame to be held on June 12-16

• Action Item: Move to adjust the dates for 2012 SLM to accommodate the CALICO with IALLT Conference dates.

IALLT Conference in 2013 (Frank)

• Dates and preliminary schedule have been finalized—coincide with a week-long break at Pinecrest—June 11-15, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

• Hotel blocks have been reserved with very competitive rates starting at $99 for a suite

• FAU will co-host with Pinecrest and provide space for the workshops as well as transportation

• Frank suggested the creation of a Lab Tour to visit language labs at multiple institutions which was roundly supported by the board and council

2:00-2:45: Presentation and Discussion of New Web Site (Ryan, Barbara)
• Ryan and Barbara introduced the basic content and functionality of the new IALLT website.

• Explained the difference between public and membership areas of access; they noted that some of these areas are still being developed

• Explained the ability of regional groups to create their own pages within the IALLT website with proprietary admin features; these can be used as affiliated but autonomous web ‘sites’ by regional groups.

• Members have access to their own detailed profile information—members should create a unique username for the IALLT website and not maintain their email address as their username to protect access to their profiles and other private data

• Ryan showed off the member search functions, including location-based pages that allow members to search for other members by location via a Google Maps tool. Ryan explained that locations will only be displayed for those members who have provided their locations in their profile pages.

• Claire asked about broader member access to the wiki space. At present, only B&C members have such access, but Barbara suggested that Claire could request such access from the board

• Mike noted that the IALLT Official Documents are now available on the website. Mike encouraged everyone to review their roles in the PPM as they did when they completed their B&C reports for this meeting

• Mike also highlighted the ‘President’s Blog’ on the IALLT website

3:00-4:45: Breakout Groups Discussion
• Members broke into groups to discuss specific issues to be addressed by the Board & Council

Regional Groups (Harold)

• General discussion on how to improve collaboration among regional groups and IALLT. Nothing additional to report.

Affiliations, Conferences (Judi, Harold, Frank, Stacey leading)

• Action Item: Explore K-12 teacher membership for IALLT $35 – if already a member of ACTFL?

• Action Item: Technology SIG – permission to explore ways to approach ACTFL about getting involved with SIG (would allow us to have sessions again) (explore this idea with Bridget Yaden)

• Action Item: Suggestion for IALLT with CALICO: IALLT table near registration desk for visibility as well as in Exhibit area

• Action Item: We owe JNCL dues of $1,500 – JNCL has mentioned possibility of payment in kind instead of dues. They need web development. How should we handle this?

• Reciprocity with organizations: We got a registration list from NECTFL for free; We had to buy from ACTFL

• CALICO allows IALLT members to register at member rate, we haven’t done that last two conferences. We have reciprocity with booths/tables

• Action Item: Conference registration reciprocity needs to be addressed

• Action Item: Resolve date conflict between 2012 SLM and IALLT with CALICO

Publications (Ute, Lance leading)

• Andrew pointed out that the LCD, ManMan and Task-Based publications were not traditionally monographs; so their emergence as monographs is new in and of itself.

• Lance suggested the need to clarify the publication cycle for these monographs

• Ute noted that the publications fall under the purview of the President-Elect

• How do we address vendor / commercial member publicity? Point for further discussion

• Lance indicated his objection to including any vendor content in the Journal

• Felix suggested creating a page on the website to highlight commercial members

• Ute suggested creating a vendor sponsored scholarship fund wherein the vendor would receive publicity

• Andrew and Ute suggested using special topics issues for the journal—perhaps once a year

• Andrew suggested a publication similar to Educause’s 7 Things publication in order to target new technologies and provide a brief yet informed review for teachers and administrators

• Discussed the possibility of alternate publications and the opportunity to work with regional groups to do video-based professional development workshops that are then published on the iallt website and any collaborating regional groups

• Ute and Andrew suggested that the IALLT Journal editorial board discuss the possibility for regular special issues of the IALLT Journal; these might come in the form of responses to some major author/paper/issue in the field.

• Action Item: Discuss the creation of a special topic monograph to allow 2-3 IALLT members to address a targeted area of professional/scholarly interest—publication cycle and content foci to be decided

• Action Item: Discuss how to renew the call for an editor for the ManMan publication

Website and Membership (Pat M., Marlene leading)

• Action Item: Confirm the position of the Commercial Liaison and support her!

• Action Item: Lower the commercial membership amount - maybe to $150?

• Action Item: The benefits that have been promised to the commercial members need to materialize! A webpage that lists the commercial members (with a disclaimer that we do not endorse them because they are on the page - they are just paid members); they are supposed to get discounts on ads in the Journal; they are to get one set of mailing labels free

• Action Item: Membership opt-in, opt-out - what am I supposed to do with that? Commercial members can ask me for a list, but what I can pull up is basically nothing because everyone has been "opted out" of receiving anything by default. They should all be "opted in" but I don't know if I can just do that at this point? and then maybe send out a message telling people about that, and that they can change it in their account information.

• Action Item: Commercial entities no longer want a set of paper labels for mailing, they want emails. Part of the opt-in or out thing does refer to emails, so members can set that. But I need permission to send out emails rather than paper labels.

• Action Item: We didn't talk about institutional memberships - is that something the Board wants to start? I don't think the website can handle the complexities of one purchase that get x number of members from it who all get website access?

• Action Item: Suggestion for commercial members to fund graduate students to come to the conference, as a place to put funds.

• Action Item: Suggestion for the creation of a YouTube channel for IALLT for Hajime's lab winners, etc.

Additional Items for Discussion (Full Board & Council)
• Action Item: What to do with the DLLS publication—which is not obsolete

Meeting closed at 5pm

Meeting adjourned: 
Fri, 2011-08-05 18:14
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