May 2011

Meeting type: 
Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Barbara Sawhill
Judi Franz
Stacey L. Powell
Ron Balko
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Mon, 2011-01-03 13:18

The June meeting (6/7) substitutes for the May meeting.

Board reports
President’s report: 

Mike mentioned his recent contact with AsiaCALL and IndiaCALL.

Mentioned his work on the PPM with Ute, too.


LCD volume out and soon available!

Treasurer’s report: 

A discussion of to do with PayPal money to set up the Conf. reiumbursement and transition to new treasurer.

Program Director’s report: 

Mentioned that we need fewer copies of the LCD volume for the IALLT Conference.  15.  Mentioned that CALICO will in Hawaii in 2013.

Past President’s report: 

No report. 

Secretary’s report: 

Discussion of the Journal and the web site need for change.  Previous minutes were approved by email vote.

Meeting adjourned: 
Mon, 2011-01-03 13:18