November 2011

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:12


IALLT Board Meeting

15 November, 2011 @ 1 p.m. Eastern Time



  • Welcome


  • Additions to the Agenda


Routine Business


  • Approval of Minutes
    • from 11 October 2011; Harold moved to approve; Stacey seconded; minutes passed unanimously
    • Extraordinary meeting on 27 October; Harold moved to approve; Lance seconded; extraordinary meeting minutes passed unanimously


  • Reports
    • President’s Report
      • o New Council Positions
        • Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin
          • Met as new committee with goal of identifying webinar tool by year’s end in order to start webinar’s by January
          • Are currently testing web conferencing tools
          • will need to work with Harold and website developer on webinar access through IALLT website
          • Mark Kaiser confirmed as AsiaCALL Affiliate Representative
            • will need to work on position description for PPM
            • Stacey indicated that she was in contact with Mark and could pass along Ute’s request to address PPM description


  • President-Elect’s Report
    • o Publications
      • Journal: Harold and Ute congratulated Lance on the publishing of Vol. 41, Issue 2 of the Journal.  Harold noted that Lance’s submission guidelines were also posted.
      • ManMan: Contacted Doug Worsham about media equipment chapter but no response yet; Need author for management of language center chapter; Ute recommended Mike Ledgerwood because he has written a similar chapter; Harold reviewed several other possible chapters and authors as well and asked for additional suggestions from the board.
      • o Website
        • Harold noted that the Journal test site has been up since late-Oct.  Lance indicated that the new Managing Editor will need to review and manage this
        • Stacey asked about the calendar – which she is unable to see.  Harold is still researching this.
        • Lance noted that the mass contact problems are still present and need to be addressed at some near point in the future.
        • o Regional Groups
          • Requests pending from all regional group leaders for access to the regional group contact lists
          • Text in renewal message needs to be tweaked and Harold is working with Marlene to address it
          • o Harold asked the extent to which IALLT and our contractor Prkos should be responsible for different levels of updating and support; Ute explained that the relationship was originally articulated as one in which the site and major systems were developed by Prkos and then Prkos teaches and hands off maintenance to  IALLT
          • o NERRALT is still working in their DVD
        • Immediate Past-President’s Report
          • o No report at this time
        • Treasurer’s Report
          • o No report at this time
        • Program Director’s Report
          • No report at this time


  • AsiaCALL: Conference has been postponed until February. Stacey needs to follow up with conference hosts about a table/booth but will wait until they have a chance to get other logistics worked out. 
  • ACTFL: Charley Long had to request an invitation to the Assembly of Delegates
  • Journal Report
    • o Lance reported that the Journal has received a significant number of positive acknowledgements from IALLT members as well as colleagues on the CALICO board
    • o Two new submissions this month
    • o Talking with Dan Soneson about taking over as the Managing Editor.  He will decide within the next couple of weeks.  Update forthcoming…



Ongoing and New Business


  • Conference Planning and Reporting
    • SLM 2012 update
      • o IALLT 2013 blog by Frank Kruger-Robbins
        • Needs updating and more specific information


  • IALLT Website
    • Submission area for the IALLT journal
      • o To be addressed by incoming Managing Editor
      • Development of Webinar access area on IALLT website (see recommendation from the webinar team - Dropbox – November folder)


  • IALLT Webinar Team
    • Approval of the  Webinar Coordinators’ position description for PPM (see Dropbox folder)
    • Approval of Cari Jimenez as additional Webinar Coordinator



    • Review and approve changes for pages 0-13 (see Dropbox – November folder)



  • IALLT survey (last survey conducted in 2005)
    • Survey coordinator.  (discussion postponed until next meeting)
    • Survey design.  (discussion postponed until next meeting)


  • Statement of the Profession
    • o Form subcommittee ?  (discussion postponed until next meeting)


  • Development of standards for the review of LRCs
    • o Form subcommittee ?   (discussion postponed until next meeting)


  • IALLT “branded” social media – linked to the IALLT website (Facebook, twitter, YouTube….)
    • (discussion postponed until next meeting)


  • Discussion of other Action Items from the Board and Council meeting
    • Discuss Commercial Membership – Pat Miller (postponed until next meeting)


  • Upcoming meeting dates:
    • 6 December (December meeting will only be scheduled, if necessary)
    • Spring meeting dates: Second Tuesday of every month



  • Adjournment



Meeting adjourned: 
Thu, 2012-02-09 18:12