Oct 2011 Minutes

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Sun, 2011-11-06 12:30


IALLT Board Meeting

11 October, 2011 @ 1 p.m. Eastern Time



  1. Welcome


  1. Additions to the Agenda


Routine Business


  1. Minutes from August 2011 were approved; Sept 2011 minutes were provisionally approved pending the correction of some typos.


  1. Reports


  • President’s Report
    • New Council Positions
      • Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin – confirmed as IALLTWebinar Co-Coordinators
        • will need to work on position description for PPM
        • will need to work with Harold and website developer on webinar access through IALLT website
        • Mark Kaiser confirmed as AsiaCALL Affiliate Representative
          • Has submitted a proposal for the AsiaCALL conference in Thailand
          • will need to work on position description for PPM
          • LET Affiliate Representative
            • Patrick Colabucci confirmed as one LET Affiliate Representative
            • Thom Hammond has responded – confirmed as new LET Affiliate Representative
            • Ute met with Drupal developer about possible alternative models for website and had preliminary discussions with an IALLT member about a council position for webinars


  • President-Elect’s Report
    • Publications (Journal, ManMan, LCD)
      • Harold noted a request from a past Henderson plenary speaker who is interested in publishing her talk
      • We have received seven submissions for the ManMan – one of which will be more appropriate for the IALLT Journal.  A second call is planned in order to request specific topics/chapters that are not addressed among the current submissions
      • Mike volunteered to help with the public relations chapter of the ManMan; Harold indicated that he would send this information to Andrew.
      • Website (see also website item under ongoing and new business)
        • Harold has had multiple interactions with Prkos in the past few weeks.
        • Harold tested the newsletter feature and has learned how to ensure future delivery of the newsletter.
        • Harold reported that the Journal submission test site is in the process of being finalized and will be available for testing soon.
        • Marlene and Harold are working to finalize the calendar of IALLT official business (board meetings, regional groups)
        • Harold has also done a lot of updating and will be focusing on facilitating the workflow for uploading 2011 conference presentations
        • Harold also noted that the consultants area has very few members listed  and needs further development
        • Harold noted that we will need a media coordinator for both the calendar and social media.  Ute noted that Hajime has already been approved to manage the IALLT YouTube account but may be interested in further responsibilities for social media
    • Immediate Past-President’s Report
          • Mike reported his participation in an IALLT Panel organized by Stacey at Auburn University during the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference
          • Joseph Katz indicated that he was still interested in hosting IALLT 2015


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Current account balance : $50, 908.76
    • NOT including PayPal transfers but does include:
      • Credits:
      • Transfer from Ron: $36,000.00
      • Interest since opening new the account on June 17:
        • $0.41 June ‘11
        • $2.56 July ‘11
        • $2.55 August ’11
        • $2.64 September ‘11
        • Debits:
        • Seed money to Pine Crest: $5,000.00
        • Wire transfer fee: $25.00
        • Talking stick container: $198.00
        • Harland : $56.66 * was a charge of $198.00 but my local bank refunded $86.00 of it
        • Ron is going to have his contact do the IRS form 990—we may just keep this guy doing it for a while since he understands it.


  • Programs Director’s Report


  • Permanent shipping container for Talking Stick was ordered and received.  It will be sent to Judi so that she can ship the Talking Stick to Frank Kruger-Robbins at Pine Crest.
  • Bruno located backup of old webserver, so we have the text for the call for proposals.  Stacey will confer with Harold and try to get the call posted this week via LLTI and the website.  Ute asked that the call for proposals be sent to the board for approval before publication.
  • Booth materials were shipped to Frank for FFLA conference.  Frank worked out a agreement with FFLA to have an IALLT table at their conference IALLT with reciprocate in 2013.
  • Sharon Scinicariello sent Frank an ad for the program and is working on updating publicity documents for ACTFL.
  • JNCL dues: CALICO has offered to pay the dues and Betty Rose Facer has asked IALLT to fund her travel.  Betty Rose indicated that CALICO is willing to pay for dues now and in the future if she will attend the meetings.  Her cost of travel is approximately $1500.  Discussion regarding a decision was tabled until Nov meeting.


  • Journal Report
    • Journal is on track for a late-Oct or early November publication date.  Lance will work with Ute to finalize articles for publication.
    • Five to six feature articles plus two new serial columns (examining copyright and LLTI) will be included. 
    • Lance noted that this is the first time in nearly 10 years that the IALLT Journal has published two issues within a single volume and the first full volume since the Journal went on hiatus in 2008.




Ongoing and New Business


  1. Conference Planning and Reporting



  • SLM 2012
    • Advertise /increase attendance at SLM 
      • Ute indicated the need for Frank to develop a website featuring the SLM to be linked to the SLM button on the website


  1. IALLT Website


  • Decision on Contract for Drupal Developer
    • See IALLT website proposal from Mihaela (12 September 2011) and message from Harold
    • Ute briefly reported on her meeting with another Drupal developer.  She will forward the formal proposal as soon as she receives it.
    • Met with an independent Drupal developer with a small team
    • Stacey asked for an update on the Prkos activity over the past month
    • Harold reported a lot of activity, but some of the major projects, like the Journal testing site, have not met our established deadlines.
    • Ute suggested that we wait to receive a formal proposal from the Drupal developer and then hold an emergency board meeting in order to address the issue immediately.  The board agreed with this proposal.


  • Review and approve changes for pages 0-13 (see Dropbox – October folder).  To be discussed at the next meeting.
  1. Discussion of Membership Benefits
  • discussion postponed until November meeting
  • IALLT survey (last survey conducted in 2005)
    • Ute suggested we consider conducting another IALLT survey.  We could use the BYU survey tool at no cost
    • The board agreed that this was an important initiative and something that should be pursued.
    • Ute noted that we will need to send out a call for a survey coordinator to lead this initiative
    • Statement of the Profession
      • discussion postponed until November meeting
      • Development of standards for the review of LRCs
        • discussion postponed until November meeting
        • IALLT “branded” social media – linked to the IALLT website (facebook, twitter, YouTube….)
          • discussion postponed until November meeting


  1. Discussion of other Action Items from the Board and Council meeting
  • Discuss Commercial Membership – Pat Miller (postponed until November meeting)


Adjournment at 2:45pm

Meeting adjourned: 
Sun, 2011-11-06 12:30