September 2011

Members present: 
Lance R Askildson
Harold H Hendricks
Kristy Britt
Mike Ledgerwood
Stacey L. Powell
Ute S Lahaie
Call to order: 
Tue, 2011-09-13 16:32


IALLT Board Meeting

13 September, 2011 @ 1 p.m. Eastern Time



  1. Welcome (guest: Judi Franz, 2011 Conference Host; Ron Balko, outgoing treasurer)


  1. Additions to the Agenda


Ongoing and New Business


  1. Conference Planning and Reporting


  • IALLT 2011
      • Final report from the outgoing treasurer
        • Ron reported that he had sent a total of $ 30,500.- to Judi during the month of July to cover UCI’s expenses for the IALLT 2011 conference. Judi then sent Ron invoices for a total of $ 35,414.- Ron reported that she had cash on hand in excess to this money.  Ron was pleased to report that the conference is officially “in the black”.
        • Ron has sent all IALLT funds to Kristy Britt, the incoming IALLT Treasurer. The seed money totaling $5,000 .- will go to Frank.
        • Ron reported that the IALLT business card holders were paid with conference funds.


  • SLM 2012
    • Advertise /increase attendance at SLM
      • Judy, Stacey and Harold have met with Frank’s conference planning committee
      • Workshop(s): Possible professional development workshop incentive with option of local Language Center tour option
      • The board agreed that this was a good approach
      • The workshop would be offered concurrently with the B&C Meeting
      • Stacey asked whether the funds from the workshops would go to IALLT or to Frank as 2013 Conference Chair
      • Stacey pointed out that we can encourage workshop attendees to become members, but cannot require this
      • Ute suggested that we issue a certificate for participation in the workshops
      • Ute suggested graduate student conference grant: Would provide a $500 grant to help fund graduate student attendance
        • Stacey indicated that this would work well if the recipient was also the Grad Student Council Rep
        • Lance moved to create a new Graduate Student Representative to the IALLT Council.  Ute seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
        • Lance moved to create a new $500 grant to fund the attendance of the Graduate Student Representative to the Council in order to attend the IALLT SLM.  Harold seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.



  1. IALLT Website


  • Decision on Contract for Drupal Developer
    • See IALLT website proposal from Mihaela (12 September 2011) and message from Harold à $500 per month for maintenance fees
    • Ron noted that our web development was inexpensive, but the results were not as robust as we wanted
    • Ron indicated that we have spent a total of $4000 on the website development thus far
    • Stacey noted that they have not met past deadlines and still have not completed several website components
    • Harold gave them a deadline of Oct 16 to complete the remaining work under the existing contract
    • Harold suggested that we have them reaffirm the work they still need to complete for IALLT and use their proposal for additional work to solicit competitive bids
    • Ute knows of a potential programming candidate we could approach for a bid, but she invited alternative and/or additional suggestions
    • Our relationship with Prkos can then be evaluated according to the alternative bids that we receive and their performance over the next month



Routine Business



  1. Reports
  • President’s Report
    • New Council Positions
      • Trevor Shanklin and Evan Rubin – confirmed as IALLT Webinar Co-Coordinators confirmed
        • will need to work on position description for PPM
        • will need to work with Harold and website developer on webinar access through IALLT website
        • Mark Kaiser confirmed as AsiaCALL Affiliate Representative
          • Has submitted a proposal for the AsiaCALL conference in Thailand
          • will need to work on position description for PPM
          • Stacey moved to formally approve Mark Kaiser as the AsiaCALL Rep.  Ute seconded.  Passed unanimously.
          • LET Affiliate Representative
            • Patrick Colabucci confirmed as one LET Affiliate Representative
            • Thom Hammond has not yet responded


  • President-Elect’s Report
    • Publications (Journal, ManMan, LCD) have received little attention due to the extensive time spent on the IALLT website and negotiating with Prkos (see below).  Harold plans to get caught up on these issues over the next month.  Mike is currently working to help solicit authors for ManMan and Harold has spoken to Prkos about granting access to website area for purchasers of LCD.  Lance can say more about the Journal's status.
    • Website (see also website item under ongoing and new business)
    • Regional Conference Speaker Grant (NERALLT) needs additional clarification and especially with the addition of a new international member.  Need to revisit the conference grant language in the PPM when we revise this Fall.


  • Immediate Past-President’s Report
    • Mike is still looking for feedback to his ADFL query about language center director qualifications
    • ManMan call has gone out.  Two responses have been received thus far.
    • Harold is going to follow-up on the list of individuals who have expressed interest in writing for the ManMan, but who have not responded to the call for papers/submissions.
    • We need to find a means of culling names of people who purchase the LCD Volume so that they can be added to the LCD area of the website.
    • We will need to have non-members contact IALLT directly for access


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • No activity and no report at this time.
    • Stacey asked how much money IALLT has in total right now.  Kristy indicated that she still needed info from Ron to do a final account. Ute indicated that we will need info from Ron in order to provide this information next time.


  • Programs Director’s Report
    • Talking Stick shipping container: cost would be $178 or $237 with wheels.  We probably don’t need the wheels as they are likely to break.  Stacey would like to purchase this container and ship the talking stick to Frank asap.
      • Stacey moved to allocate $198 to purchase the shipping container.  Kristy seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.
      • NECTFL: They cannot give us a booth at this time.  We can purchase a table for $800 or be on a waiting list.  Waiting to hear from Kevin regarding his attendance at NECTFL this year.
      • Frank Kruger-Robbins will be attending Florida Foreign Language Association in October and will have an IALLT booth to promote the SLM and conference.  I have contacted Sharon about publicity.
      • CALICO with IALLT: Program Committee is up and running.  I notified Cindy Evans that Charles Long would be the chair and that she and I would form the committee.  I also gave Charlie's contact information to Esther Horn.
      • Call for IALLT hosts: a quick search of the LLTI archives did not turn up much in terms of requirements for a hosting proposal.  I found a posting from 2004 that just referred folks to the website.  I contacted Bruno Browning to see if he still has a backup of the old website and he indicated that he will check at home this weekend.  Hopefully, that will turn up something.  Otherwise, we will need to recreate those guidelines.


Confirmation of dates for publicity purposes:

SLM 2012: June 7-10, 2012  (workshop on June 8)

CALICO with IALLT 2012: June 12-16, 2012

IALLT 2013: June 11-15, 2013

Host of LLTI for publicity purposes:


  • Journal Report
    • 8 submissions, 3 columns.  Likely to publish 5-6 feature columns this issue.
    • Publish by late Oct. or first week of Nov
    • Lance will stay on as Managing Editor through the Fall; Then stay on as Associate Editor to advise the new Managing Editor



  1. New and Modified IALLT Council Positions


  • Showcase Coordinator
    • Stacey moved that we create the IALLT YouTube Channel and add the coordination of the IALLT YouTube channel to the Showcase Coordinator job description.  Harold seconded.  Passed Unanimously.


  • Membership Coordinator
    • Moved to give Marlene Johnshoy the ability to form a committee to facilitate membership management and that members will be submitted to the IALLT board for approval as IALLT council members.  Stacey seconded.  Passed unanimously.



  1. Discussion of Membership Benefits (Postponed until October meeting)
  • Web conferencing tool
    • for IALLT webinars
    • for use by regional group leaders
    • IALLT survey (last survey conducted in 2005)
    • Statement of the Profession
    • Development of standards for the review of LRCs
    • IALLT “branded” social media – linked to the IALLT website (facebook, twitter, YouTube….)
    • Others?


  1. Discussion of other Action Items from the Board and Council meeting
  • Discuss JNCL dues – pending discussions with CALICO (postponed until October meeting. 
    • Stacey will investigate this.
    • K-12 Membership rate of $ 35.- (approved during June meeting; needs to be added to website)
      • Harold has implemented this.
      • Discuss Commercial Membership – Pat Miller (postponed until October meeting)


  1. Adjournment at 2:55pm




Upcoming meeting dates: 11 October, 8 November, 6 December (December meeting will only be scheduled, if necessary)

Meeting adjourned: 
Thu, 2011-10-06 16:32