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Musings on Professional Development

In the recent years, the term professional development has become a big buzzword in academic circles. As a result, Teaching and Learning Centers have been created in many institutions – to include my own. Yet, as fashionable as this term may be, professional development is nothing new. Indeed, professional development and IALLT have been synonymous for me. Read more »

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The Role of the Language Center Director?

When I became Chair of World Languages and Cultures and Samford I realized I should become IALLT's affiliate representative to ADFL (The Association of Departments of Foreign Languages).  This is the US group for Chairs of Depts. of (Foreign) Languages.  At that time I was one of the very few IALLT members who was also a Lang. Dept Chair (now there are a few more, including our next President!).  As you can see in a previous blog entry, ADFL has an active listserv in which dept. Read more »

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Reflecting as my Presidency winds down

Since i care so passionately about IALLT, it is hard not to think about what I've done (or not done) as an IALLT member to help our organization.  I recently had a long talk with Stéphane Charritos, a UNC (Univ. of North Carolina) graduate school friend, who is now Language Center director at Columbia Univ. Read more »

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Why Language Centers are More Important Than Ever

It doesn't happen every day or even every month.  However, I do hear about Language Centers that are being threatened with being closed much too often.  The collapse of the world economy has brought more of these notices to me over the last year.  I always try to find out the details of the situation.  As IALLT President, I have written many letters of support for IALLT colleagues.  IALLT has worked on a new statement to the profession about the need for Language Centers.  IALLT is the major group in the world for Language Centers after all. Read more »

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AsiaCALL and IndiaCALL

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my trip to India was, representing IALLT as the first keynote speaker at this conference.  I received a great amount of support from my University for this trip, was so happy to be received so well in India once there.  Once again, I have lots of videos from this trip as IALLT President and will post them, soon.  India is such an old civilization and has jumped into the 21st Century so recently and so quickly that India is even more complex than ever.  As one of the main presenters at the conference has said on Facebook (now a f Read more »