Task-Based III: Expanding the Range of Tasks through the Web

Edited by LeeAnn Stone and Carol Wilson-Duffy

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(IALLT Monograph Series: #3, 2009). TBIII presents a range of classroom-proven task-based activities and illustrates how they forward communicative and proficiency goals and provides answers to teachers who may be intrigued by some of these technologies, but are not sure how (or even if) they can be used in a language curriculum. Each of the essays herein presents an activity or activities set within the context of the institution, the course level, and the course goals with enough description and background information to enable readers to be able to draw from and integrate the described content into their own practice. Authors were given the opportunity to present the lesson in their own style in an intentional attempt at providing a window into the variety of voices, perspectives, organizational approaches and understandings of what task-based instruction is and how it is implemented in real-world environments and contexts.